Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Cheap Skates

Watched a bit of the BBC4's film about Windsor Castle, which gave further proof if we needed it today that one of the reasons rich people stay that way is that they'll be dammed if they spend a shilling on other people unless they have to.

Case in point for a state visit of Jacques Chirac to celebrate a 100years of the Entente Cordiale (ie Us and the French giving up on a 1000 years of war); what do Betty and the other Windsors lay on for the Prez's private mini bar, some nice decanters of booze including some dry sherry, fine but then comes the whiskey (perhaps Britain's most universally respected drink, the best most complex, most varied, most most spirit going). But what brand do Windsors knock out, a £15 quid bottle of Famous Grouse*.

I thought things had picked up when the french sommelier point to the last bottle which I thought he said was "Golden Gin" that's better, oh no he meant "Gordon's Gin". I mean even I would stretch to a bottle of Macallan if Jacques and their lass where coming round.
And don't say they are just saving our money as they had one bloke just employed to raise the flag when cheap Lizzy rolls through the gates.

Plus they only had three courses and Liz even vetoed the Mandarin oranges to go with the pud ,god she's a tight cow.

* It's Phils favourite blend apparently insert I thought he prefered Metaxa joke here. In the pic above Phil's laughing at the poor.

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