Friday, 11 January 2008

Friday Lunch time stuff

Tomorrow mornings TV:

With the roll out of BBC Iplay (sky plus for the masses) should we stop having reviews of TV headed "last night's tv"? Surely "stuff your going to watch next week when it's wall to wall property shows" would be better!

I am robot:
This computer thing is getting out of hand; reading the "meatworld" version of the paper at my desk (the one made out of trees and ink). I absent mindedly reached for my mouse and spun my mouse wheel to turn the page! It took several seconds to realise what I'd done. I wondered why waste bin at home hasn't emptied, I keep right clicking and everthing.

Trains , planes, planes, planes and more planes.

The papers got a review of the new terminal at Heathrow today. The media is obsessed with air travel, over Christmas every news report was full of stories about strikes etc, the other day the Today programme had a non story about Ryan air charging their passengers for breathing or something (apparently if you don't want to wear a face mask you have to pay £9.50 to pressurize the cabin)
I've just looked up the stats for air travel and basically 228 million people passed through UK airports in 2005. Now I would need to check but lets assume that most return that means 114 million fly each year of which 38 (a third) million (I'm being generous) are from overseas that means the average Britain makes at best one flight a year.

Not leaving on a jet plane
So why if it's not daily (or even monthly) occurrence is it in the news everyday?
Why is there no coverage of rammed commuter trains?

Or the one bus an hour service to my dads village?

Or The fact that the East London line has been closed for 3 years the same month they put the fairs up by £52 a year went un-noticed?

Oh I see it's because the only people jetting off round the world more than once a year are members of media/politicians etc who don't give stuff about the lives of most people?

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