Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Future is here.....

Sigur Ros 1 Jonathon Ross 0
Just used BBC Iplayer for the first time and it's good, if you hurry you too can watch the excellent film about Iceland's finest (no not Kerry Katona). I saw it when it came out last year but it was worth another viewing (even if Verity Sharp pouting round the island is a bit annoying). So we can all say good bye to watching crud like JR's chatshow hurrah!


ally. said...

it's ace isn't it - i'm seriously considering not having a telly in the new little flat and just playing on this. the thing about the 50's with pete wylie was especially brill if you missed it

BLTP said...

watching full screen on my laptop the quality was acceptable no worse than my freeview box which sticks and breaks up. Not sure how it will look on large flat screen. You can download stuff to watch on the train hurrah!