Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Adult kid’s telly!
BBC 4 was full of Gerry Anderson creations tonight.
I loved Thundstingrayscarlet 90 as a kid, but I do worry they were sending out mixed messages.

Firstly the future will look great but will fundamentally DYSTOPIAN; apart from the Thunderbirds themselves any new piece of kit will crash/explode on its test flight. Basically smash your toys children

Secondly the crypto fascist world government will employ polyglot supermodels to pilot its air force and empower them to blow up motorway bridges on a whim.

That no women will ever match the standards set by Aquamarina or TinTin and especially Lady Penelope. Not only was lady P hot (was she based on Faye Dunaway), she seemed like a really cool date too, here’s two quotes from tonight’s French based plots:

“In Paris I always drink Pernod”
After said Pastis gets shot out of her hand by her car!
“Oh how tiresome it looked such a pretty Pernod”
And she gets to smoke and party with the Shadows!

Oh and before anyone says anything Scott Tracy (T1) was a showboating fop and it was Virgil (T2) who was the cool hard working one.

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