Monday, 21 January 2008

So bright I gotta wear shades

The future's already here:

I got a email this morning from amazon advertising a 10 mega pixel camera for only £80.
Which is great, 5 years ago we bought a 1.8 mega pixel Olympus and it cost £700 quid (the power adapter cost £50 and it took 2 hours to download the pictures using a serial cable)

10 mega pixels is better than the Hubble space telescope!

Having said that I've never taken a picture as nice as the one above.

Whilst looking up Hubble's resolution I found the answer to a jolly question.
Why not disprove all the doubters that the moon landings did happen by taking a picture on the remains of the Luna landers using Hubble or similar?
Sadly I think we'll need the £80 quid telescopes that comes along in 10 years time!


ally. said...

i somehow managed to not get round to going to see the hubble space telescope even when it was just up the road. now i really want to.

BLTP said...

Ally: You are not getting Jodrell bank which is Cheshire mixed up with the Hubble space telescope which is in orbit around the earth by any chance! that or you've got a rocket hidden amongst the gems at Chez Dusty ;)

ally. said...

oh yeah - that thing - me and science and any sense at all right now come to think of it are total strangers...