Friday, 18 January 2008

Today's news

French Fancy:
The press seems to be obsessed with the whole Sarkozy/Bruni affair. Reading the long piece in the paper today a few things occurred:

Firstly its nice Carla's now a”former super” model now she’s tupping the prez not just a plain old ”former model”.

Also the whole thing seems to be a load of posh/rich slappers (male & female) sleeping with each other. It’s interesting that being rich and posh and sleeping with lots of rich/posh blokes makes you a “libertine”, I think changing you political allegiances depending on who you fancy is part of it too.

This being France it involves Bruni knocking off father and son philosophers!

“Son one day this whole dialectic will be yours and you’ll be able to pass all these paradigms on to your kids like my Dad before me and his Dad before him…..”
The whole thing sounds like the plot to a bad Eric Rohmer film.
Comedy Celeb Names:
One nice spot from the piece is my fave a notable name a certain Colombe Pringle, who writes for French Vogue, the English translation of her name would be Pigeon Pringle tee hee.
I’ve heard Ms Bruni’s songs and there not bad in that breathy French female singer way, that does reduce the critical faculties of most male English rock fans see also Fran├žoise Hardy,Jean Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, etc.
PS.the fact that google image search produces lot's of pictures of Carla arse is probably the main reason the story rolls on.

Google Cheats:

Story to day about what the press still call sixth formers* are “cutting ‘n’ pasting” lots of their project work, some of it still with the ads and web formatting attached.

Anyone who works with students will tell you that when challenged on this the cheeky beggars come back at you with “don’t you mean COPY ‘n’ paste sir”!

Is this all any worse than the kids at school who use get their dads to do their art homework (god I hated them or the girls who use to copy soppy cartoon birthday card dogs and get good marks, I use to spend hours on my stuff … and relax I think that’s a good place to stop today’s session….)

*Here’s a copy ’n’ and paste guide to the school year group for older readers.

there are subtle ways that show the change of season, snow drops bursting from the frozen ground, the odd flake of snow and the guy emptying the snack machine swapping “Mistletoe Kisses” with “Cadbury’s mini eggs”. Soon the pubs will be dusting off their cucumbers to sell us overpriced jugs of weak Pimm’s and before you know it’ll be pumpkins at dawn and then Chr…...


al_uk said...

Surely it goes something like "So tell me Ms Bruni....what first attracted you to millionaire leader of France, Mr Sarkozy?"

BLTP said...

she's as rich as him I don't think she needs the cash, but it all part of the mix