Thursday, 3 January 2008

another one bites the dust....

Let’s just gets some things straight….

I knew my resolution to be more good humoured wouldn’t last long, what did Lord Cardigan say?
“plans never survive first contact with the enemy…”

No IDea!
On the radio this morning, Parliament proposed making losing our ID info illegal. Which is classic nonsense, firstly it’s probably already covered by several laws. Secondly, isn’t this just further softening us up for ID cards? Lastly where’s the law fining and sacking government minister and senior civil servants for buying crap and expensive computer systems?

The high price of going nowhere.
It’s the New Year so they have put travel fares up. So I have to pay £1 or so more for half the service as they’ve closed the East London line for estimated 3 years!
Obviously the GLA are spinning this as a cut in fares because it’s only travel cards that have gone up!
“The cost of One Day Travelcards and Travelcard Season Tickets will rise in line with inflation as these fares also apply on National Rail, and the agreement of the Train Operating Companies would be necessary for any lower fares.”

My answer to this is why can’t New Labour just tell the rail companies to cut fares? Why are huge government contracts unenforceable? It should go like this;

Dear Mr. franchiser,
Please run this train line, we want clean, reliable, un-crowded trains for which you will get sum X. “

“Oh you’ve not done this well, do it or you will lose sum x, oh and your chief exec will lose his bonus and or his house.”

“Oh you still haven’t done it well you won’t get any government work ever again.”
Sadly this is not the case. New Labour is strange it wants to tell me what to do in my personal life, not smoke, not drink, give away my privacy (ID cards) but it won’t turn round to a train company and say you are not getting anymore more money until you do what we agreed/would like done.

You’d think that with the Olympics they’d be making a show at running an integrated transport system but no.

Also why along with bank charges, do the fares go up when everyone’s skint? Presumably just to add to misery of the dark mornings.

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