Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Fighting with axes like few months ago with dani and tony

Web poem number 12
Fighting with axes
like few months ago with dani and tony
the man inside listen to me carefully

Alcopops that are gluten free
the man inside listen to me carefully
amplifier pink noise
burn-in download
red adair porn

This is the new name for my unconnected random tat posts, inspired by the searches that lead to my site.
I don‘t know whats more scary that someone who will one day vote is looking for gluten free alcopops or tht thankfully in austrailia someone is looking for porn films containg famous oil well fire fighter Red Adair.

Here’s some free stuff

I liked these tunes I heard about them from How does it feel to be loved? An excellent club night if you like indie and soul (who doesn’t) it’s the only place other than my flat I’ve ever heard the Supremes followed by Canada by Low.

I also heard these songs by Dawn landes who sound great, she’s worked with Hem and the Earlies so is on the side of the angels . Let's hope the phone company ad men don't get to them too soon.

London Pics :Upper Crust fayre.
Britain’s Leading Beer Writer sent me this pic today, as he rightly points out it contains two of the best words in English language :

Gala & Pie.

He didn’t have time to check if they had any Gala Pie (how do they get the egg…) for sale as that would be a gala pie pie gala……

Things you see on public transport:
A posh city type (woman) was the first to board our carriage at Cannon st, trying to hide it from 2-3 others of us, she pressed the train door button but had a tissue over her finger so she didn’t touch the button.

A guy in his city suit stood sucking his ipod nano and then replaced it with 8 pieces of gum all at once.

A whole family mum , dad, boy (11ish) and girl (8ish) all reading books on angling or fish.


Clair said...

Gala Pie Pie Gala. That's my idea of heaven!!

ally. said...

i thought the north would've been pie heaven but stupid manchester seems to be the exception so i'm suprisingly much thinner than i thought i'd be after my northern exile. thankfully my dad always gets butter pies in everytime we head to preston. and god after the terrible football i've suffered this season we've needed pie relief more than ever.

BLTP said...

I think butter pies along with Potato pies ranks in the most streamlime straight to the point food stuff name ever. I know it's not just butter, in France or Italy it would be something much grander.