Sunday, 27 January 2008

And Tigger on Drums.....

Recent news:
Catching up with the papers here’s some things I liked.

Fat a manger:
Shock horror ready made sandwiches contain fat. Apparently customers at Prêt and Greggs etc should have nutritional labels on their sarnies. Which is fine but surely the fact that you can’t see the contents of most shop bought sarnies because the window is smeared with excess mayo may be a good hint and as for Greggs, the bags for their steak bakes already have their own special nutritional labelling, the fact that the bag has been turned transparent by the grease may just tell you what lies in store inside.

Those Crazy Italians!

The "toing and froing "of the fashion industry doesn’t detain me much but I did read about Alessandra Facchinetti, (top name by the way) this week as it is interesting to see a women doing well in the boys club of high fashion.
Being a child however the most interesting thing about her for me was her family. Her brother with some inevitability is DJ. DJ Francesco to be precise, this being Italy sadly he’s not some Westwood copyist but a sort of X factor solo boy band singer of the sort Italy seems to have lot of.

Even better than that is Alessandra’s DAD, Roby who is in Italy’s biggest band who are called for a reason I’ve yet to find POOH! Hurrah! One of their albums seems to be called “I Pooh” double hurrah! Their website has a “pooh store” I’ll stop now. Check out this weird 60’s footage where the crowd have all turned their backs on the band.

Does anyone else know of bands that are huge abroad that we know nothing about and better still are any good?

Lastly Money
Like me you probably haven’t a clue how Northern rock got in the stuck or this French trader business. Well this article enlightened me a great deal it’s worth having a look after all our mortgages (or landlords mortgages) pensions, local councils money etc is tied to this system whether we like it or not, so having some idea how it works is worth having. One trick where John Lancaster says "option" I found it help to swap fir "putting down a deposit".

Anyway back to mad European pop, which is best this version or this?


Planet Mondo said...

Greggs steakbakes, the cheese and bacon melty thing, along with the genius - trellis fencing and pork produce combo - 'sausage lattice'are all occasional
treats, and even though my mouth always feels like it's been coated with cavity wall insulation after any of them. I wouldn't to be scared off by knowing the saturated scores on the doors.

BLTP said...

I did think the "watch dog" where being niave in that the young mums who dole out "greggs dummys" would really give a toss about the calories count!

BLTP said...
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ally. said...

cheese and onion pasties are twice the price in that london you know. but still worth every penny.
i'm giving the best mad bird thing a bit more thought.