Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Bricklayers required

Happy Birthday Lego!

There's loads of stuff on the web about Lego, easily the best toy ever made. The old catalogues here are just a huge dollops of proustian rush for me. The simple beauty of the Scandinavian design is very appealing like Dick Bruna books or Arne Jakobson chairs. The fire station below was the first big set I ever got, I thought it was fantastic. Looking at it now it looks incredibly simple compared to the complex sets of today. It was however more than enough to fire my imagination which is all you ask for in a toy. Lego alphabet

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Planet Mondo said...

As long as it's cleared away properly. Have you ever trod in some in the dark? Instant knee crumbler.

There must be a gallery somewhere of celebs/actors rendered in Lego mini figures - Star Wars etc..