Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Song to the sirens

Our visit to the Cabinet War Rooms led to a strange coincidence I was listening to my mp3 Nokia on the tube when British Sea Powers new song Atom came on, it’s from their new album. It finishes with an air raid siren much as had been echoing a round the CWR. Then the next song that came on was “Indiana wants me” by R Dean Taylor that also starts with a siren hurrah!

R Dean Taylor : Indiana wants me.

Which puts me in mind of songs with sirens (and or police radio sound effects) on them.
We should be able to make a list.
There must be more than “the Frankies Two tribes” and “Summer in the city by the Loving spoonful” oh and we need a full list of versions of “Song to the Siren!”

I found this site for lots of noisy sirens.

This video is really great, this chap must win a “Danny Champion of world award” for exciting parenting


Planet Mondo said...

How about 'Fire Brigade' - The Move
and '999 Emergency' Motorhead and Girlschool, and 'Burglar' - The Damned even has one of the old 'nee naw - nee naw' type police sirens.

ally. said...

marvelous - i'm getting a batch of never visited in my 25 years here yet tourist treasures - is the cwr worth a visit?

BLTP said...

PM: how about blocker buster and ma baker by boney m!
Ally : * coughs and points downwards* " try looking at sunday's post for my review of CWR. I think moving to the smoke has made you all giddy ;)