Friday, 11 January 2008


Pavement Art: the lost and found gallery*

I’ve been doing some sorting out and found the envelope with all the stuff I’ve found in the street in it. I suppose picking up stuff makes me in the argot of my hometown a bit of “binner” but I don’t care. I know there are other places where they post this sort of thing but I’ll just add to the fray. It goes with out saying if you see anything you’ve dropped I can return it!!

The first set is my ongoing campaign to collect a full set of playing cards, below is 5 years of finds. I’m not sure if it’s just Deptford that’s cardtastic or just poorer areas in general, also why do people loose them in street not in dimly lit shady back rooms.
Anyway the only rule I have with this is, if you find more than one card you can only pick up a single one but you can choose the prettiest. Rules are important after all**.

Don't forget the joker!

*May also include stuff found on buses and trains, oh and on beaches but mainly pavements and gutters, just to be clear.

**This may change however if they were saucy cards or ones with the muppets on or something.

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