Thursday, 3 January 2008

Me Snow Go

It may be just me but I don’t think this lot understand their audience; it’s an ad for a week long ski singles event. I can’t decide whether it’s the plot for a bad romcom, a disaster movie, a bad porn film or just a plain nightmare.
Surely ski holidays are the sort of thing impressively cheery sick makingly organised couples do, you know the sort with ironed jeans, who read travel guides all the time and say they are going “trekking” in Patagonia when they mean “walking” and who always have a brother in Singapore, not single types.

Isn’t the point of dating services to pair people off precisely so they can turn all smug and pack their freshly pressed Levi’s and head of to Chamonix? Sorry that should be Albania; smug “independent” travellers never go anywhere “obvious” like Chamonix they always go somewhere “off piste” as it were.

Also skiing involves a degree of poise and self assurance, it’s bad enough trying not to look a fool getting off a ski lift, but trying to do it and impress half of Europe would be a killer.

Also how do you eat fondue on a date?
How sexy is a smashed kneecap?
And then there’s the bobble hat issue.

It will probably be like when we use to go to “silver blades” ice rink in Sheff, except it’ll be some flash Austrian whizzing about instead of that posey kid from Rotherham who could skate backwards dead good and that.
Sadly, I think I might do what I did then make the equivalent of a couple of turns of the ice and then head off to play Defender in the cafe.
God I’m a misery.

Ps. Isn’t all this just cat nip for that most slimy of breeds: the ski instructor, “what me Angelo the impossibly accomplished bronzed former slalom champ alone in a crap Swiss disco with all these drunk single women (oh and a couple of blokes who couldn’t even get to level 5 on missile command) what were they thinking…..”
Speaking of smug couples here's a gruesome twosome
Build your own Defender console it's easier than you think honest !

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