Monday, 14 January 2008

It's skin is used to make guitars

Pavement Art: the lost and found gallery #2

These cards were ever present in v' old days, I seem to believe they came in box where you could dial a name and your chosen animal appears. I don't think I'll try to find a full of set of animals A-Z , X is always tricky.....

Apart from the guitar fact (see above) according to the back of the card.

Brer Armadillo : Dasypus novemcintus is...

"It is a first-rate sapper and miner, which can dig holes in the hardest ground"

"the armadillo reproduces slowly and all the young of one litter are indentical twins of the same sex."

Little Owls and Fluffy mackerel:
Update after I've had me tea!

Found a pic of the animal card files en masse.

Also found this fantastic site for the associated and even more popular recipe cards. Have browse they are excellent.

Even later update: after I chatted to my mate steve.

hurrah for the ever marvelous Miss Woo for her link to this excellent site of bleak and garish food from times past.


Clair said...

That armadillo appears to be leaking...and there's more awful food here:

Planet Mondo said...

I seem to remember the Wildlife cards, from the owls expression he's next on the menu for the food cards, which are fantastic, I've never seen so many disgusting dishes.
Chilled celery log *gags*

Those tomato chunk things *sounds of dry retching*

I went to an office party once where someone had brought a dish along which looked like the melon mousse, it was despatched out of the 13th floor window an hour later