Saturday, 2 February 2008

Music from the Hedge

Pavement Art: the lost and found gallery# 3 : Things I’ve found in hedges…..

This beauty was down the street on a hedge. I saw it last night and I had hoped it would be covered in snow this morning but sadly no. I am also hoping it’s a scheme where instruments get left around for street musician to pick up we can always dream!

The 18:37 to the Western front .

Sorry didn’t get a picture but I saw the strangest graffiti on a train the other day.
On the outside along the bottom of the carriage written in the grime was “1912 Von Richtofen”. Quite why the “Red Baron” was on a train on it’s way to Penge I don’t know. I hope it’s not some far right thing. What next “1951 Yeager” or perhaps “1942 Gibson”?

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Planet Mondo said...

Being part guitar geek, that g'tar looks like a little vintage number The scratchplate and trapeze string thing. Is it still there? - have you grabbed it?