Saturday, 16 February 2008

Liverpool 1 Barnsley 2

WE WON..... Jimmy Tarbuck your boys took a hell of beating.... football the worse game in world, few things outside your private life can drive you to distraction like football. During the Tykes heroic defeat of d'Reds ,just as our final goal went in the BBC broadband broadcast went down leaving thousands of Tykes scrambling for the Tv remote.

Anyway enjoy this vintage stuff (football programme) I found from the last time we met. All I can remember of the game was that we went on coach to Anfield (on a school night) and my Mum and Dad came which was unheard of . It took us hours in the fog on M62, listening to "Don't you want me baby" .We got to the match late and we held them to draw. They stuffed us on the return to Oakwell but we won this time. You'll notice award winning author Ian Banks use to turn out for Town.

film of the match


al_uk said...

The match brings back all sorts of things that you don't see now;-

1. Pass-backs to the keeper where he picks it up!!! How weird is that?
2. Anfield was not all seating so that Barnsley "fans" who never went to matches (like Mum, Dad, yourself at the time) could get tickets. Which was/is important as it is these big sort of passionate matches that hook people for life. Now with the current number of season ticket holders capturing new fans is tough. Often kids first games with a club are 0-0 all draws against Wrexham on a Tuesday evening.
3. It was one of those times when the wag could paint on the motorway bridge (Will the last person to leave Barnlsey please switch off the lights?)and it meant something.
4. It was so cold on the way back coaches were breaking down because the diesel was freezing in the fuel lines. We had winter fuel in those days.
5. Children who had tickets were allowed out of school early.(not us I seem to remember)

My lasting memory of the replay (which we lost 3-1 in a game closer than the score suggests) was Phil Thompson limping down the tunnel with a long bleeding scar swearing away at how some Barnsley player (I'd like to think it was Ronnie Glavin but I don't know) had deliberately taken him out.

I love supporting Barnsley!

Planet Mondo said...

I'm a complete football philistine, I understand the offside rule and watch England games - but that's it.

However I did find in my loft recently my 76/77 season sticker book (completed)and an Admiral kit catalogue from the 77 season - with all those fine designs

Coventry with the side stripes, West Ham with the V's and tons more. I may have to scan it in.

BLTP said...

Why were panini stickers named after a toasted sandwich?

ally. said...

i hate football. we're going down too.

BLTP said...

you'll love it the next time you stuff a local rival and then hate the next week....