Saturday, 9 February 2008

My 365th post!

Just been down the market for some bits.
In the bakers they had real car crash sarnie chicken fajitas foccacia ! Less a meal rather a global culinary skip.
It’s strange because the rest of the stuff is normal honest cake shop fare. The baked goods were cheerily rated by an excited, tiny but precocious black girl (with the neatest corn rows) she ran in pointed and counted at all the cakes; apparently only iced doughnuts and ├ęclairs are any “good” everything else including the Eccles cake are “bad”. The Observer food monthly should sign her up.

Sad news for bacon lovers:
Kennedy’s sausages has close

It’s not entirely surprising as all the time I’ve lived in south London they have never been a go ahead firm. Whenever I’ve tried to buy their stuff they seem to be closing. That being said their bacon was good and the pies were tasty if idiosyncratic.
All's not lost as I noticed a shop stocking “head cheese” sausage (Polish?) so although Kennedys won’t be selling brawn any more we can still get it. Now is there anywhere to get Pease pudding?

Lastly ideas for broccoli as the guy wouldn’t sell me one head of so I’ve enough for the Green party annual!
Now where did I put those singles… rustling in bags (I know I know I should get a fabric one)!

An excellent tribute to kennedy’s

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