Tuesday, 19 February 2008

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I've decided to keep my more bilious stuff here (it's good to get it off my chest) and keep the positive stuff here at LFPA. So here goes..

The biggest record collection in the world!
But has he got the 2nd Shop Assistants single?
Or that Starfleet 10 inch Brain May put out?
Probably yes
I've got a few records and cd's in the mid hundreds but this guy well this guy is truly inspiring, yours for a cool 50 Mill!


Planet Mondo said...

I've got too much music (not as much as matey) - but my loft is literally creaking under my old vinyl, CD's and tapes. I'm up to 1700 albums and almost 10,500 tracks on my mp3 player alone and I still curse daily that certain tracks haven't been 'ripped' yet.

Today I wanted the XTC/Sylvester bootleg remix 'You Make Me Feel' sung over 'Generals and Majors', and was it there? Was it bugger!

BLTP said...

I must admit I'm on a drive to listen to my new stuff fully before buying anymore, obviously that doesn't extend to the odd charity shop 7 inch and the tunes people on the web kindly post. But one good thing about digital music is that you don't get the feeling it's going to disappear if you don't buy today.
I did think the yanks should have coughed up for this guys collection though, even the catalogue would be a thing of wonder certaintly worth a couple of spy statellites or a F16.