Friday, 22 February 2008

The Light (switch) of the Lord

I can't start to count the ways this is just wrong.

Thanks to S for pointing me to this Jesus light switch.

Wouldn't it be good to sneek one into Grand designs and let kevin and the Snooty posh women have to deal with it. (I'm fairly surely it's not a spoof)


Planet Mondo said...

Let there be light - that photo would make for a great caption competition.

There's a couple more superhero related cock ups here (down the bottom) on the always excellent Bitter Andrew site.

ally. said...

i want one. left to my own devices i would be surounded by tat like this -thankfully the mrs is a much more tasteful soul

junior gagarin said...

Brilliant! Was the designer just naive or a twisted genius? And is there a larger product range; Virgin Mary data socket maybe...