Friday, 22 February 2008

Gin and Orange Juice

What to watch tonight.
I’m off to a gig but if you’re in there is 2-3 hours of programmes about Post card records and Edwynn Collins/Orange Juice which should be good. It’s on BBC4 so you can avoid Jonathon Ross talking about sex toys on BBC 1.

What we learnt from last nights tv.
I was right about the other Jonathon (Meades) his programme North about Northern Europe was really good. It surprisingly good on food, in the space of 3 minutes he said more about Belgium Beer than I’ve heard in years. To celebrate his championing of the herring and fermented grain spirit (gin) I had a little soused roll mop with some of last year’s sloe gin (over ice) which was delish. Just as stimulating was learning more about one of my favourite artist Roger Van Weyden, as well as “stepped gables” and of course the Hanseatic league.

As I did “social” history at school, the foundation of TUC, the flying shuttle, Joseph Arkwright etc my knowledge of the corn laws, the French revolution and Hanseatic Empire is patchy and so a whole world opened up for me along with some excellent long words, big ideas and the occasional outrageously contentious broad statements. He goes further north next week catch it on BBC4 or Iplay.

As usual I would encourage anyone who’s near the Prado, to of course see the Goyas and Mr V but head downstairs to see the Van Weyden “descent of Christ from the cross”; even for non believers it’s a very moving and intense picture, also the times I’ve been you generally have it yourself unlike the Bosches or el grecos...

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Junior Gagarin said...

The only perk of staying in last night, and without the benefit of a Digital signal, was that at the end of the usual Ross nonsense Elbow played their new single, which was very good. Particularly as it's performed by a band who look like a bunch of Local Authority Building Control officers. I'll keep my eye out for Edwyn's and Meades' programmes when they eventually makes it to BBC2.