Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday with Sauce and sprinkles

Mr Whippy in Soho....

I do like these I must be into double figures by now with them. If you fancy a lick and you're in the centre of town this ones at the bottom of Charing Cross road!

I think the old lady I saw in Gaby's went there after her meal to cool off, she finished off her falafel and then polished off the dish very hot chillie sauce like it was tomato soup, hardcore!
I set up a Flickr group featuring pics of Plastic Ice cream cones here. Join if you want to and post your own pics.

The boy looked at Johnny

I relaxed my fatwa against taking pictures inside gigs to take this rubbish picture of Johnny Marr playing with the Cribs on friday night at Brixton Academy! He really lifted their set, mainly because everyone can sing "Hang the DJ" and they can't sing anything by the Cribs or the rest of groups playing! It was a good gig except we where in the balcony and not only can't you stand up, you have strange cut off view of the stage.


ally. said...

it's as near i've got to feeding my bid plastic icecream habit for a good while but there's just something not right about it. i blame leicestershire square - it taints everything somehow

Cocktails said...

Hello, I found your site via Planet Mondo and co-incidentally also just found out that you can buy your very own fibreglass ice cream cone for only £250 from a catalogue that arrived on my desk this morning.

Nice blog by the way - I really like your pictures.

BLTP said...

coctails ,
hello and welcome!
I seem to get realy dull stuff at work matbe I need to save up!

Cocktails said...

Actually, if you've got the money I'd go for the lifesize 'hotdog man' pouring sauce over his head. Sadly, I've yet to see one out on the street...