Thursday, 21 February 2008

In Galaxy quite close actually

This wasn’t the way the future was meant to be....

When it came out Star Wars was mostly benign, the worst it offered for the future was being forced to eat the odd tentacle in the cantina, share an escape pod with a Wookey or loose at cards to a Hut.

But then came Ja Ja Binks and it’s all been downhill since then until the sorry state of affairs today when Star Wars technology is being used by:
Fergie to avoid admitting his team were rubbish.

By the Americans as form of territorial micturation with the Chinese.
If only it was more like this most of the time.
or this!

Oh and why was there never an Emmerdale episode called the “Revenge of the Seth”

“The Woolpack is too remote to prove a useful demonstration of our power......”

“there’s a strange disturbance in the force” or as Seth would have it “it’s dark over our Bill’s mother’s”.......


Planet Mondo said...

I saw Star Wars on it's first release. After seeing Jaws that year too, Star Wars didn't live up to the hype. Even though I've got all the films I still get bored about 20 minutes in everytime I try a rewatch of part 1 or 3 - whatever the 77 one is called now.

Whisper it - but I actually prefered Battlestar Galactica at the time

BLTP said...

you can go off people you know ;)

al_uk said...

You certainly can go off people. And I always thought you had impecable taste. You'll be saying the Godfather II is better than I next! (I can't even bring myself to mention Bxxxxxxxxr Gxxxxxxxa
what sort of show is that?!)

Planet Mondo said...

I knew should have kept hush about 'BG' (I feel like the ol' boy in the Halibut/Jehovah scene from 'Life Of Brian') but it was in Sensurround and made my flares rattle.

BLTP said...

Sorry we didn't mean to "flame" (should that be phaser) you. Just think of yourself as being a lost x wing bumbling into the entire Imperial fleet! I here good things about the new BG.