Sunday, 3 February 2008

Fancy a Pint!

Drinking Songs

Life was simpler "in d'olden days" to sell beer didn't need a £1 million knock off of "Manon de Source" or some other bit post-modern post-ironic nonsense.

No "in d'olden days" of the 1960's a flexi disc of some dodgy polka tunes with some Rothman smoking actor intoning "pale or Brown" over the top did the trick.

It's a pity that Courage is so ropey nowadays!

"Here comes Courage" Artist Unknown

I quite like this tune it's got some good sub shadows twanging guitar
"the Courage Twist" Unknown Artist


Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

What about "Whitbread big head TROPHY bitter - the pint that thinks it's a QUART" ???

BLTP said...

Blimey you were quick I haven't finished editing the thing yet!

Pete said...

I fon a Worthington one - a postcard with a record etched in the middle, from the 1950s. "This is not a postcard, it's a record. Listen to the latest smash hit!"

In 1709 they just used to sell sheet music for songs about Burton Ale, "As performed at Vauxhall Gradens."

So you see - when it comes to breweries, I prefer their earlier stuff.

Planet Mondo said...

What a winner - I could raise a glass (pint mug) and shake a leg to that one.

ally. said...

can you still get courage. i have a horrible feeling this may be why not.