Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wednesday wonders!

A rag bag of stuff for your perusal!
Spam email arty novel title of the week:
"Agree to be sick Norway! By Geraldine Paxion (out now in paperback) "

Things you hear as you flick through the radio dial:
“pass me grog, where’s me Noggin shirt, where’s me Noggin shirt”.

Nice sleeve shame about the songs.
Sadly these two lovelies are a little ropey so here’s the just sleeve.

Swedish Blue Grass:
On Monty Don’s world tour of gardens I got to see some real blue grass the other day growing in prairie! As with most blue plants it looks more kinda grey. Anyway a bit of blue grass never did any harm and while we wait for the next Gillian Welch LP, I found this here “Would you cry” by the Blue Eyed Blondes what’s so great is the female singer stunning beautiful voice, the lyrics are a patch ropey but they show promise.

This is simply a good thing to do:
I saw this on the news the art gallery owner Anthony d'Offay's has sold at cost price 725 picture to us. Which is really good idea the super rich in Britain have given up paying taxes , squirrel their money aboard so it’s good to see some doing something positive, apparently they are going to available to see across Britain which is also great.

Nikon we have problem!

I found these excellent messed up pics on flickr next time your camera messes up keep it and post it!

Has there ever been a bad version of Louie Louie?
If you like 60’s Seattle garage listen to Mark Lamar programme on listen again load of big dumb garage bands. Do your self a favour and buy a Sonics compilation you won’t regret it.

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Planet Mondo said...

The Sonics also do a storming version of 'Money' - they're reforming you know, so keep 'em peeled.

Great idea about the photo error, I'll have to start cracking on with that winner.