Friday, 15 February 2008

News Round up!

Booze Britain: According to one paper today "Britian is being destroyed from within by drunken teenagers" and I thought it was Al-Quaida and single mums.

The Olympics: The Chinese are whingeing that people are making the games political; they always where! For some reason the Olympics is the most political sporting event going, more so than even the World cup. If it wasn't a huge polictical event the Chinese Government wouldn't be spending billions supporting it. It's shameful of us all that so much support is being given to such corrupt totalitarian government.

Consumer update: Tescos et al aren't cheaper because you always buy more than you went for, they are really slow at serving you, horrible places to be and if you don't have a car they couldn't give fig for your custom.

Transport news: Still no improvement to my morning train; overcrowded and stopping randomly (slow) the same goes for every other one in Britain.


ally. said...

we were in m&s yesterday realising just how awful and pointless even that sort of supermarket shoppping round here is. we avoided it totally in manchester -i just went to about five different shops insted and it was actually a pleasant experience. here it's lina stores, gerry's offy, fresh and wild,and berwick street market from now on. i blame the drunken chinese teenagers on trains

steve57 said...

surely Eurovision is the most political sporting event, no?

Roman Empress said...

I spend less in M & S than I do in Tescos and Tescos is horrible. I'm not sure how it is I spend less in M & S, maybe their baskets are smaller.

BLTP said...

hello. To Steve57 (i'm not number...) & RE it's good to here from you.
S57: I was forgetting Eurovision but I did exclude actual military
RE & ally: I just hate supermarkets glib self satisfied air and find I just don't need to use them.