Saturday, 9 February 2008

Quick, quick wake up it's our stop

Can you move down abit?

Last week I dug up quite a lot of new (“old”) singles and got round to ripping them. Here’s one I hadn’t heard before. It’s by Bad Manners who I think got unfairly tainted with being a novelty band. It’s from the B side of “Lip up fatty” and it’s “Night bus to Dalston” which is a very good joke and a nice friendly pop at Madness too boot.

Is this the only song about night buses? Tom Waits and the Blue Nile have written about late night trains any tunes about N453?

I know the night buses don’t have the greatest reputation, although other than a bit of wait now and then, I’ve never had any problem on them. The worse that can happen is some loud lass tries to force a bit of kebab on you or the time I was a bit worse for wear and missed my stop on the outward journey and on the way back and went to Morden and back twice!

Anyway here’s some stuff about night buses

A delightful bus spotting page.
The start for this ad for Edinburgh night buses completely contradicts the message that they are safe by a dodgy tie in to a local attraction.
Of course you often do have kebab yourself on the night bus these chaps are having it large

So may be you want to make your own well go here or here for the most pointless food gadget ever.
I’ve not seen this but here’s an excellent film of Delia making a Doner.

ps don't read too much of the paper you'll have none left for the mornning!


Anonymous said...

For a long time I used to think Tina Turner sang about a night bus to the city limits. Made sense and everything.
Mr. G.

BLTP said...

But what did she do when she got there? Just stood around on the edge of town!

Anonymous said...

Go for a nice walk in the countryside. Its a bit like when Mick Wright used to bike out to Swinsty reservoir at 3 in the morning.

BLTP said...

She'll have stopped off at Morrisons for an outer of Soreen Malt loaf to keep her going. As I always said about Ike Turner he was a bit of cabbage but he could ride a bike!

Anonymous said...

Sigh... That's still one of the best lines I've ever heard.
Mr G.