Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Cornershop cook

Gnocchi A la Deptford (via Austria).

Thought I'd share me tea with you!
One good blog I found lately is "Dinner for One" which is written by Gerda (?) who lives in Austria (but posts in excellent English). It's a good food blog chatty with excellent pictures, anyway she made some gnocchi and they looked good, so here's my attempt.

They are not as pretty as her's they should be finger sized and Gerda has finer fingers than me! I won't repeat the recipe here as her's works fine, mine where lovely and fluffy and I had them with some tomato and basil sauce, the basil a frozen remnant of last summer's crop!

One trick when making the gnocchi add the egg before any water to stop them getting too sloppy and you then having to add any more flour. The recipe makes stacks so I froze them on a baking sheet and then bagged them up for later (oh get me domestic Goddess sorry God!).
Anyway give them a go!


ally. said...

ooooh gnocchi - my favourite. i do the fat boy oliver version which i guess he eats a lot to get as porky as he is these days. you be careful.

tschoerda said...

awesome! yours look much better than mine - i am jealous now, damn :)

(and cheers for the link back to my blog!)