Monday, 11 February 2008

Long live Los Campesinos!

Feb 10th
Les Savy Fav
Future of the Left
Los Campesinos!
Lo-Fi Culture scene

The show was part of the NME Awards show .

First up.

The Lo-Fi Culture scene: they all seemed to be less than 17 years old with excellent public schoolboy hair (as long s you like as long as it doesn't touch your collar boy), good swirling guitars, lyrics need working on, oh and they have really rubbish name.

Best song: The one that went " read the script and learn your lines"

Third on where "Future of the Left", the “angry sound of young Wales” a 3 piece power rock trio they were all very upset (those extra shifts at the warehouse probably did it) most of the were songs about war (probably), the bassist seemed to be embarrassed about wearing a “Slits” t shirt.

Best song: the one I missed heard as " the best way to get them is sucking coal"

The main attractions were Les Savy Fav, who I knew nothing about and were largely saved by their singer. Their music is slightly arty shouty punk metal. Most of the band look like Microsoft middle management. The lead singer however is a barrel chested chap who spent the entire gig amusing the crowd. Mainly by running around the stalls and at one point riding a member of the crowd.

My favourite bit was were he donned a pith helmet and safari suit and ended up looking like the bastard son of Prof. Wilf Lunn and Viv Stanshall. Their songs did leave me a little cold.

Best song:apparently they played Debaser by the Pixies after we left doh!

Best of the night (for me) were the second on Los Campesinos “ the happy sound of young Cardiff” a Belle and Sebastian like gang of girls and boys who play jangling shouty indie (so good they could be from Sweden). They have that excellent quality of looking like the best gang in town. Also some quality toy xylophone playing some starange jumping dancing and duelling lead guitarist (who should get a room).

They did however introduce one song as being about “misogyny in the mainstream music press” that’ll be the NME then (who sponsored the shows!). They were really good their album is out soon and I think shall be getting a copy. Google their name and check out their songs the BBCWales ste has several good tracks.

Best song : Death to Los Campesinos! all though they were all good.

Lastly two questions:
What’s the most bizarre on stage introduction you’ve heard?
Does anyone know the future of the Astoria; wasn’t it being sold for flats?


ally. said...

we're off there tonight to see richard hawley - did it really start at 6 and end at 10 15 - i'm glad i saw this or i'd missed everything

BLTP said...

Ally: I think that it might have been so the first act could get home to do some "prep"! It might also have been a sunday thing plus 4 acts is unusual ,need to get them on, I would check the venue it's not as if you've far to go! Have fun!