Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Coming to a cinema near you....

The Fool’s Gold Mine
(alt title: Fool’s gold diggers)

Imagine the scene.
A sodium lit tunnel the camera view is low down close to the road in the distance a pair of head lights are getting closer, as is the roar of a highly tuned sports engine. In an instant the car speeds up to and over the camera.

Cut to reverse shot as the car roars away down the tunnel

Cut to medium shot, the car is a red Alfa Romeo Spider driven by a young dark hair man in dark glasses wearing a pale blue polo shirt and driving gloves.

Close in POV on the driver’s hands on the wooden wheel the exit of tunnel bright before him.

He looks down at the passenger seat; there is attaché case on it.

A surge of engine noise and the dials sweep up to a 100.

Then blinding light as he bursts from the tunnel, it’s a coastal road and then dark again as he hits another tunnel (the sound rises and falls).

Music starts EL Bimbo by Bimbo Jet

Cut to Interior: a young woman is hurriedly collecting some things into a bag, she’s attractive wearing a bikini as she turns to us she to puts on sunglasses.

The woman leaves the room and we see she’s on a luxury motor yacht.

Cut to the Driver he roars out from the final tunnel and a Riviera town is before him, down a winding switch back road, the Girl’s yacht is anchored in the distance.

The girl still in a swim suit throws a bag into a speed boat and climbs in, casts off and powers away.

The guy’s car is in town now; he narrowly misses some school children being led by a cowled nun, the child laugh as he blows her a kiss leaving her blushing.

We see the town from the speed boat, the girl is smiling.

The guy pulls onto the sea front, waved on by a traffic gendarme.

The boat is coming into the harbour

He parks at the end of the jetty, gets out with the case, walks the length of the jetty, puts the case down as the girl’s head appears at the head of the pier steps.

He offers her his hand she leaps up the last rungs; they remove their sun glasses and embrace laughing.

In the distance the motor yacht explodes.
The music stops.

I Prefer the Instrumental version of this 70's disco oddity.
El Bimbo by Bimbo Jet

The vocal side is edging towards cheese but is still groovy, I know very little about the band apart from this being a Europe wide hit in 1970’s ,see the marvellous footage below.


John said...

Have you played the marvelous Dreamcast game 'Samba de Amigo' in which you get to shake plastic maracas to a samba'd up version of this song, called 'El Ritmo Capitale'?

Planet Mondo said...

Oh yes - thats my sound of summer sorted. Can just picture that film Sylvia Kristel or similar on the Riviera

But... what is Russell Brand doing in the dance routine?