Sunday, 5 August 2007

Harvest home!

Here's my second tomato! This time in a home grown basil wrap. Yes, it was small but it was lovely. Home grown toms do have thicker skins but the sweet taste is just wonderful. Best eaten warm fresh from the bush, the basil is quite peppery and has more texture than the over watered supermarket stuff.
Ps: thinking about it I'm not sure I removed the stalk Doh!


Coventry Blogger said...

Lovely photo!

BLTP said...

I was rather pleased with it, just used the macro on my £100 digital camera.

BLTP said...
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ally. said...

well done sunshine - homegrown tomatoes straight from the plant are a simple life affirming pleaure. bugs ate all my salad the bastards and i wwas so disillusioned i didn't bother with anything else.
next year.