Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Jamie at Home

Finally got to see an episode of “Jamie at Home” (or should that be “down the allotment”) and was pleasantly pleased, it’s just what I want from cooking show. Good food, cooked by someone who gives a damn. The set up is only marginally post modern, Jamie’s stuck in a strange Garden of Eden minus Eve (Jules) and cooks stuff there on his own, except for a gardener who wanders about a bit in the background.

Last night he was barbequing and keeping to tradition it did with gusto, having “found” a clockwork rotisserie he cooked a delish looking leg of lamb followed, by some juicy ribs and some corking lush crispy skinned salmon. The only problem with the new series is that he still caters for a school; he looked at bit sad munching through his feast on his tod. I am pleased he still seems enthusiastic about food and this comes over in the programme.

I have only a couple of caveats firstly he has started slipping in to the staccato shouty delivery t’old Gordo uses and also his random use of phrases is getting worse, every noun last night seemed to have “bage” at the end as in “ a load more herbage on the top”. Also this organic thing is little over the top with him insisting on “organic” ketchup being added to a sauce, along with “organic” salmon whatever the hell that is. So, on the whole good stuff, if only I had garden to smoke sea food in.

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