Wednesday, 15 August 2007

We love it when our friends are successful!

It started off on a mattress in alley just off the Ramblas and ended up in a hole in the ground in Galway

Declan and Billy are 2 of Ireland’s leading archaeologist and as well as the usual digging and scraping they have been at the forefront of proving that good old beer is at the heart of mankind’s development from random berry picking bison bothering hunter gatherers to the wonderful civilisation we have today.
Their latest project: making ancient beer in a hole in the ground. It seems to have worked better than expected.

No doubt it will all be another tale to add to their very long list of anecdotes. If you are in Galway and bump into them (not as unlikely as it seems) get them to tell you the one about the guy who measures kids for a living oh and the nuns in Uganda and Billy’s castle and and…..
Go to the Moore group’s excellent website for loads of details and pictures.

We love it when our friends are famous the Urban Woo had being singing the praises of middle age beef cake in 'graph!

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Clair said...

We also love a Morrissey reference...;-)