Monday, 13 August 2007

This totally sux !! :) IMHO

Anything to add?

I was looking at the tributes on the BBC website for Tony Wilson, nothing out of the norm just everyday people trying to express themselves, never an easy thing where death is concerned. The one standout comment was something along the lines of “I’ve actually never heard of the guy”. Now my objection to this isn’t on the grounds of speaking ill of the dead, or even good taste, (T W wouldn’t have minded a bit), it was more, what was the point of making the comment? It didn’t add to the debate or give insight into the situation, other than the obvious idea that not everyone in Britain has heard of an independent record label boss/local TV presenter. It not like it was a person to person conversation where a reply is needed. This guy was online (and went through the rigmarole of logging into the BBC site) and thought he should join the conversation at randomly by telling everyone he had nothing to say on the subject, brilliant.

This leads me to all pointless comments on youtube and the like you know the insightful reviews like “this rocks” “smokin’ vid” “LOL dude” etc. Now putting aside the banality of it all (when people say LOL do they mean it, I’m jolly person and laugh quite a bit, but a book or a website has to be pretty good to get me to laugh out loud , RWS “raised weak smile” is the usual response. That’s unless it’s film of cats falling off things of course).

Now, I know bloggers may be on thin ice in this area, but putting aside the mental torment this nonsense produces what about all the carbon used (go here for the skinny on carbon production and pc use ) I’m not being over the top am I to say that the merest drop of molten ice cap isn’t worth passing any of these empty pointless opinions?


ally. said...

hey man you rock!
i'm planting something now to make up for all my waffling i promise

BLTP said...

tunes for gardening there's an idea.....