Friday, 10 August 2007

I can hear music sweet soul music

Northern Soul: the Movie

Found this can’t remember how, it looks great. Tried to find out more about it ended up at my space which as usual was a deeply annoying experience and a completely useless exercise so you’ll have search it out yourself.

I nominate Alan.

In an interview in Word, Alan Carr slags of Big Brother
Hurrah I like Alan Carr and like his bits on Friday doo dah night but despaired of Channel 4 for shoe horning in random big brother contestants so good on you Alan, BB sucks!

Worst name in Rock?
Got an email from ticket master today the usual one going “don’t miss….” This time it was “Don’t miss HIM”… (no me neither) what a rubbish name, what next a band called “HER” or what about one called "Them "oh yeah, that’s one already gone .


Wendy Tinley said...

Took me all of ten seconds to find the information on you idle thing you! :)

BLTP said...

Wendy hello and thanks for your comment. I know, I know it's just that my heart sinks whenever I have to go to myspace, all those sparkly icons, rubbish music that starts playing unbidden. Thanks for braving the morass and plucking the relevant info. ;)