Tuesday, 14 August 2007

You haven't got anything in satanic black...

More Oxford street I spy: these are more niche types so 40 points a piece:
A technogothic character on the tube a face full of piercings, those expanding ear rings to make a big hole in your lobe, spikes in his lip the works. He was in the full fig as well, a combat jacket with deaths head buttons, complicated combat trousers and those stack foam heeled “2000 AD Judge Dredd” trainers. He was the last survivor of a phuture nuclear war, Mad Max’s wacky sidekick, good to see then that he was carrying his sarnies in a Marks and Spencer’s bag for life. The revolution won’t be televised but it will be well catered for, you know some of those hot smoked Arbroath salmon flakes and some Italiany lentlily salads…..

Careful now.
Someone had taken the severe weather warning seriously, this morning on the Jubbly there was a youngish guy who had heard the reports of rain and wasn’t going to be caught out: he had a full on mountain waterproof cagoule, nylon over trousers, gaiters and a jaunty yellow vinyl walking hat. Meanwhile the shop worker next to him was in a skimpy vest top, a pelmet of a skirt and her only concession to the rain some Ugg boots.

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