Thursday, 30 August 2007

Crazy show biz names

Saw a poster for the new French version of lady chatterly , 2 marvelous names caught my eye:
Ladies and gents may I present Hippolyte Giradot and Jean-louis Coulloc'h. Excellent exotic names chaps, but come on Hippolyte do they not have bullying in french schools? We had a lad at our school called Jarrod and he had a bad time, I think t'old Hippo would not have lasted 5 mins. At our school I think even the teachers would've have taken the mick.
As for Jean-Louis it's " ' " that's mysterious I fear it's a French sound we anglos have difficulty making like the rolled R in regla (ruler). Anyway just thought you'd like them .

Posts have been tricky lately as my lap top died so doing them on the hop watch out for an avalanche of vinyl I bought the other day, anytime soon. * crosses fingers*

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