Saturday, 25 August 2007

Come Home to a REAL Arcade Fire.

The Arcade Fire have just been on tv . Now I really like the 'Fire and live they are awesome, my only doubts about them is and this might not be a problem, but are their hyper chaotic cult like live performances manufactured? The search for the REAL in rock is an ongoing problem and might be a Willow 'o' wisp, does it matter if they mean it MAN? The ' Fire performance from the Reading festival was as intense as when we saw them at Glastonbury , so do they tap into some primal force every night or is it an act? If they are acting does it matter? Does it have to be real to be true? I'm not sure, the effect of the audience is almost unnerving, where does it go from here? How many times can they rip loose like this? Anyway let's not think too much and just enjoy the moment.

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