Saturday, 18 August 2007

Toxteth O’Grady: a small snippet of Fry not Laurie.

A little rant: Was it really necessary to repeatedly put up a caption telling us that the wingnut next to the large vase of flowers in "we all love Stephen Fry show" was Prince cocking Charles the Prince of Darkness sorry whales" surely the only sodding benefit of the royals is we know what the tossing heck they look like!

Can’t fault the choice of shows, in the rest of the strand. I’m always surprised how much of Blackadder, etc I know verbatim. The Fry and Laurie’s we learnt from the script books (yes, we were that sad) Blackadder goes forth is just perfect. I seem to know every second of the Young Ones mainly because everything we said during break at school was from scripts recited until they entered out very DNA.

The bit where they rush off to station whilst Motorhead play the “ace of spades” is the most perfect collision of rock and comedy ever. The only time a truly dangerous band joined forces with a bunch of dangerous comics both at the height of their game.

Lastly, I’m not taken with Wilde, It’s meant to be this great part but by the end we know very little about Oscar apart from he’s horrible to his wife, he occasionally say’s something funny and just seems to moon about. I would much rather watch one of his plays.

Apparently Channel five is doing the same for Hugh Laurie by showing endless episodes of House….

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