Wednesday, 8 August 2007


To Earl's Court to the Great British Beer Festival with “Britain’s Second Best Beer Drinker and leading beer writer”. For one week the GBBF is Britain’s biggest pub and counter to all the nonsense we read about drinking also the safest pub in Britain. I doubt there were any arrests, just loads of people having a real (ale) good time. As BLBW pointed out the tshirt to the left isn't a joke it's just a fact!
With 300 plus beers on sale there is something for everyone.

We had good session ale from Barnsley, an interesting stout flavoured with coriander, a lovely IPA from an America, an alright milk stout also from the USA. My favourite beer of the night was Marston’s IPA which was excellent. You can have 3rd of pint measure so you can taste lots of beers without getting too drunk.

Great straightforward snap as well pies, pork scratchings etc. With a few more seats it would be perfect. Me and BLBW bumped into Stonch while we where there.
Go here for loads of his beer blog stuff. Shame that the BBC chose this evening to repeat an hour long film about French wine La Lucha continua!

Update 9/8/07 For another view of the GBBF and beer in general try Melissa Cole's blog (in her own words " a girl's guide to beer")


Stonch said...

Cheers for the link mate!

Was good to meet you.

BLTP said...

no probs keep up the good work