Monday, 6 August 2007

But its soo slow....

Unsolvable minutiae of everyday life pt 56

Am I the only person not to concerned/slightly spooked by how slowly Nat west bank machine return your cash card compared to HSBC ATMs ?

How much if at all do you tip the pizza delivery man?

How come some people choose not to lick the lid of their yoghurt pot?

Can the cakes, brownies etc in chain Coffee shops get any smaller £2.50?


Melissa Cole said...

Yes the NatWest thing freaks me too!

Only if they hike up the two steep flights of stairs to my flat door!

Why would you not lick the lid?!

Hey, those nice people at Starbucks are just trying to tackle obesity on a practical level, there's not a mercenary incentive involved at all!

BLTP said...

Hello Melissa, good to have you along. It's strange how the little things are so complicated.