Friday, 17 August 2007

Last knockings (for now) in the Indie city

We are meant to get have five portions of fruit and veg a day, 100ml of fruit juice is only meant to count as one portion. This is plainly tosh you can never have too much juice especially ORANGE JUICE. Simply Thrilled Honey 1983(?)
In this rather obvious but wonderful video we get at least 1,000 portions hurrah!

Just like the four top I just can’t get enough…..

Just a few drops more of Edwyn in a
brilliant interview in the paper, his first since his stroke. A note to any repressed northerners (guilty ya ‘onour) it’s quite moving and there’s a real “oh I’ve just got something in my eye” moment towards the end, so don’t read it on bench in busy square, next to a load of builders in Hi-vis vests.

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ally. said...

i read it in a house full of builders in hi res vests and told them why i was blubbing and they all blubbed too.
what is happening to the men of this country. we're getting the poles in next time.