Friday, 10 August 2007

Meanwhile Miranda was down town....

Unsolvable minutiae of everyday life pt 73
Without coming all over Carrie Bradshaw, here’s another thing to ponder. If in a chain coffee store (it was a meeting I had no choice honest) you ask for a coffee and reply “no” to a chocolate dusting. The staff member then gives you one, in the shape of two entwined hearts is this a come on?

Have you tried a Florist?
I was checking out my site stats when I found the following search which had lead someone to my site “flowers bloom Matthew” no I have no idea either but good luck
to them and welcome if you came back.

Scouting for Girls?
One of my favourite sights up town, is a bunch of vague looking foreign scouts, complete with scruffy uniforms and an anxious leader a surprisingly more common than you might think. Now things have changed a lot since I was scout but is the centre of London the normal place of for an outdoors organisation, maybe a trip to a museum is a good idea or perhaps a quick hour’s souvenir shopping but I think the group I saw this afternoon down the ally outside Raymond revue bar having their picture taken may not have read Baden Powell’s book too carefully.


ally. said...

i wish i'd seen those scouts - that's as near my favourite spot in london as i can think of and i too rejoice at the sight of bizarre bunchs of nogoodnicks being led aboout by some unsavoury sort.

BLTP said...

I think they were from Sweden or Denmark (so maybe they have a "Porn buyers badge" in those more enlightened places) I should have taken a picture but not brave enough yet for street snaps.