Thursday, 12 February 2009

When Satellites attack!

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It had to happen sometime the Russians have rear-ended an American satellite. It is pretty crowded up there! Amazingly the US firm who owns the communication Satallite has spare already up there to move into place which makes the extra packets fo post-its I keep in my desk draw look like fairly small beer.

The BBC seem to think that this is the site to go for Space Junk but as we know there is only once place for the arcana of earth orbit.


al_uk said...

You may have done it already but you can download an add on for google earth which shows you the position of most of the larger satellites and bits of space debris. It really gives and idea of how crowded things are.

BLTP said...

I probably need to re-install google earth I took it off my old laptop because it was so slow. i think you can follow space junk from moon to the bottom of the marianas trench now on google earth 6!