Thursday, 12 February 2009

MC Update week 500!

It’s toasted, it’s nutty, it’s tasty, it’s sweet, it’s The MC quarter final.

What did we learn from today’s show?
Well the power of blogs! Was it me or did they the slightly posh tones of India knight utter the phrase “father of two...” this is in direct response to this blogs 10 minute campaign for sexual equality in the MC kitchen fact.

What else oh yes, how hard is it to cook breakfast?
I am liking this cooking breakfast test, most of the fancy Dans who enter MC don't see to able to make an omelette or grill a sausage, they’ve obviously spent too much time with couscous and tians of crab and not enough time in the cafe.
One lass Michelle had a hard time on the eggs Benedict and was put onto just scrambled by a head chef who sounded like the Wurzle’s roadie.

So after the "fire" of the 18 hr cooking test it was the cook off which after some liver, Pear and apple surprises (and a classic look from Gregg) it was won by Michelle with some classy far eastern spicing.

Masterchef quote of day:
“These are very, very, very big daddy veggies”
(Who else Gregg “turnip botherer” Wallace)

On to the final via the disappointing ambition test which winnowed down the pack further. Once the root veg was dissected Leaving posh backpacker Andy (no mention of any kids but there was that Ozy lass at the fullmoon party in Goa....), new mum Michelle and full time mum Rachel!

Andy knocked up some North African fare, Michelle more spicy Malaysian (?) dishes and putative deli owner Rachel British plates of food. I thought Andy had made a school boy error with his weedy looking rice pudding (one tip for Mc contestant never stray far these isles when it comes to puds) but it didn’t matter too much.
In the end Rachel went back to her dreams of a bistro and presumably well paid husband, teeth don’t whiten themselves after all!

And Michelle who had come back on the rails just missed out so Andy “I’ve always travelled I was born in Singapore” won out with his quail and pomegranate.
Next time it's the semis!

What else have we learnt ?
That the crystal voiced India fisher (that's her brooding at the top) use to be a Doctor's assistant and is linked to everyone’s favourite retro Sheff crooner Richard Hawley, her brother was in the Long pigs with RH.

Another thing we learnt: is that Masterchef HQ is somewhere near Moorgate in the city we may need to do some more detective work to track it down.


Cocktails said...

Dammit, I missed last night. So Andy won. Was he the annoying tall guy from Tues. night who is in his 20s? There is something smug about him that I just don't like.

BLTP said...

I think so he was a tad smug, he is 26 which is part of it, but he couldn't poach and egg.

Cocktails said...

Oh, it's definitely him then. He used up tons of eggs in the 'endurance' test.

On of the intersting things about MC is how you make value judgements about people based on one half hour episode. I hope Andy loses.

Russ said...

Word on the street is it's not near Moorgate, but at City University Halls of Residence:
at 15 Bastwick Street,
London EC1V 3PE

BLTP said...

masterchef blogs wiil eat themselves russ I only passed on from another post elsewhere but this looks like the real skinny

Cocktails said...

So is that your weekend planned then?!!!

Russ said...

'Stalking doesn't get tougher than this' as one of them might say (slightly too loudly)

BLTP said...

This is going to sound really sad but i was thinking of wandering over there on me lunch hour nextweek it's not that far from the office and I like having little mission that needs a walk to get some exercise. It does sound sad doesn't it but I don't car. i'll post the pics !

al_uk said...

Just found this;-

Gregg Wallace claiming to be the cooking women's crumpet!!!!

Cocktails said...

Thanks for posting that al_uk. It was equally fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

Where are you BLTP? It's semi-final week!!!