Sunday, 15 February 2009

Music , Music, Music.

Green Saturday?
Domestic tasks for Saturday am, followed by doing my re-cycling. After a trip to bottle bank it was down the market, the guy in the butchers was doing his part for the ozone layer by recycling his jokes! I went the extra mile (well quarter) and did some more re-cycling (buying second hand singles from charity shops, counts doesn’t it?)

For the price of a Coldplay LP download I got 3 cd LPs and 16 vinyl singles. Not a bad haul:
Here’s how they have enlightened and entertained me so far.

One of them has got that Nile Rodger’s guitar on it (and is a solid cold classic)
One of them has got George Melly and song about a tank on it.
One’s got a picture you can colour on it. Which rather wonderfully is on the back of a record which contains a version white horse the other side is a song about unicorns which are also white, so the picture was rather easy to colour in (I didn’t go over the edges or anything!)
One of them settles the long raging debate: who’s best Transvision vamp or Eighth Wonder?
One of them has a picture on the front that made me come over all unnecessary.
Another showed that if you play the Bangles at the wrong speed they sound like a slightly camp German house dance outfit.

The 7 ABC singles prove that record designers use to try harder at designing record sleeves, perversely when you consider how much faff graphic design was before Photoshop.
One of the ABC platters also proves that “SOS” is their worst single.
One of the haul (Tunnel of love of by Fun Boy Three) shows what a bunch of miseries they were!
The Lps. Are rather good, while I type I am finally listening to most of Hank William's recorded output. It’s taken me a while to warm to his voice. Of course I now want to go “Honky tonking”, it’s always sounds more genteel than binge drinking in Yates wine lodge. Also I sort of wish “Rooty Tooty” was my “Sunday gal” as well.

I haven’t listened to the Billy Preston cd yet but the compilation of Freakbeat London bands is good.
Especially the track below I always thought PP Arnold sounds like the author of bird watching guides.
“Is that a godwit or hedge sparrow?”
“I’m not sure, have you looked it up in PP Arnold?”
“ yeah but I wasn’t sure I’ll check it in Holland & Holland...”

I also got a copy of Merry Christmas Everyone by Slade because it had the picture sleeve, on which Noddy and the boys are all wearing red reindeer noses, Dave Hill’s makes him looks like a rabbit.

On the subject of Eighth Wonder and at the danger of getting drummed out of the indie boy & girls club they don’t sound that different from those dance remixes of Altered Images use to do. Yeah I know sacrilege but the sometimes the ears hear the truth that the heart seeks to conceal.
Oh listen Hanks now on the “Pan American Queen on the way to New Orleans......”

PP. Arnold Feat the Faces " (If you think you're)Groovy


Cocktails said...

Hello, sorry completely unrelated to your music post but I just saw this in the Times and thought of you.

Ever wondered what happens to ex Masterchef winners?!

I've never heard of Eighth Wonder, but if they sound like Transvision Vamp I should have a listen. Now whatever happened to Wendy James.

Planet Mondo said...

That's a mighty bundle - Tank and Melly are The Stranglers (B-side of Walk On By - which I think plays at 33rpm)

The Billy Preston - should be a belter, and the PP Arnold track, I think, is written by Steve Marriot

I'll get me anorak..