Friday, 20 February 2009

Masterchef exclusive!!!*

The secret location of MasterChef HQ revealed**

Well a quick walk round the block and I can reveal the location of Gregg and John's lair.

Thanks to Russ for the tip off .Here is the photographic proof.

It makes sense though as it's just round the corner from JT's restaurant in Smithfield !

* well except to the 300 students who live there!
** and to the hundreds of people who work in the offices in the street!

Bastwick Street, London EC1.


s said...


Cocktails said...

Stalking doesn't get tougher than this.

BLTP said...

C: it wasn't that hard quite short walk actually to build up my appetite before lunch! I didn't stay long as the place was full of students and clearly I am slightly odd.

Cocktails said...

You're odd?! Don't be scared by this, but I actually had a dream that you emailed me telling me that I *had* to see the Masterchef studios for myself. So I went and the place was an absolute tip. And I was quite distraught by the whole thing. Thankfully your photos reveal that it is pretty much just like on telly.

BLTP said...

C: That's a bad prog lp last night I dreamt of Gregg Wallace!

Cocktails said...

Well, he is crumpet.

Russ said...

Just posted a very witty comment to this but it appears to have disappeared so please accept this mediocre offering instead.
1. Oi, Cocktails - I used that (rather weak) gag in a previous post: hands off!!
2. Chris, Im getting as sad as you - on the way back from a meeting I also tried to find it (just to see if my tip-off was correct) but without A-Z was one block too far west (thought it was off St John Street) so never saw it. Didn't they film the series in summer? If so, why is the sign still there (and I'll hold the ladders while you swipe it)

Cocktails said...

Sorry Russ. Your fine pun must have wriggled its way into my subconscious. Credit where credit is due!!

BLTP said...

Children, children let's not fall out over puns! I noticed that the guardian used a MC influenced phrase in one of their head lines today.

re the sign:I think they maybe as we speak, working on the celeb or god forbid the professional version of the show with bleedin' Michel "skinny boy" roux.
But yes I quite fancy the sign to wear like a vw beatie boy styleee medallion, I'm sure people down borough market will be impressed !