Monday, 9 February 2009

Coward way.

TV comedy:
Couple of things what do people think of the Cowards on BBC4. I can see what they are trying to do and I quite liked the smoking judges sketch but I didn't really laugh so basically a failure as a comedy show.

Still don't know why BBC3 didn't recommission "Pulling" a genuinely good sitcom that was cruel but daft full of recognizable (if exaggerated) characters oh and they all just happen to women.
One reason could that Sharon Horgan is in new Channel 4 series about talent agents. Regardless of the quality of the new show it does show one of the failings of British TV comedy it's obsessed with the media virtually every comedy (good or bad) is either set or seen through the prism of the media. What was refreshing about the likes of Pulling is the characters hardly ever mention the big broither or aren't obsessed with shopping channels (like most comedy writers are) you know like real people.

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Cocktails said...

It's hard for me to judge Cowards because I hardly ever laugh at any sketch comedy. But I did like it. It was sketch comedy, but it was different.

I liked the metro-sexuality of it actually. Four boys squashed in a caravan, quite touchy feely and emotionally open is not something you really see that much of on telly.