Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hoyland we have a problem...

Watch this film:

To prove I do have better things to do that prattle on about BBC2 foodbased talent contests here's my lastest film.

I tried to post it on yourtube but warner music group censored it because
in a tribute to all the early 70's Apollo launch clips I watched as a kid, I used ELP's version of "Fanfare to the Common man". The sharp eyed of you will see that ELP made a healthy living out of robbing other peoples tunes and that FTC is actually by Aaron Copland who orginally borrowed it off the common man (probably) .
A further irony being that Copland enjoyed a healthy relationship with a "borrowing" tunes , using hymn tunes in "appalachian spring" and using traditional mexican tunes in his el salon mexico etc. It's not nicking if you nick from poor people or god! I am not impuning AC work here he's one of my favourite composers especially as his mexican stuff sounds like the theme from "the magnificent seven" I am just saying the music industry are knobs!

Anyway enjoy the film unless you work for WMG.

The films stars are a lot less bitter and more joyful than I and the slow motion bits are very pleasing and yes some of the camera shots are nicked from NASA but all their stuff is in the public domain so there!

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Cocktails said...

So that's what you've been doing all week!

I love the excitement on the cast's faces. Hope you renumerated them well.