Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Man about town:

Don’t* it always seem to 12.
There’s no use complaining about things changing in London, “It will be (as I always say) nice when it’s finished” so I merely want to record how much the area round Centrepoint has changed recently. What with tosser Boris deciding to choose boring bland shops over sticky carpeted music venues when he makes space for Cross rail (BTW why would anyone want to get to Ealing any quicker?).

You can imagine his eyes lighting up with glee at the thought of posh flats for Tory voters, I imagine he got a congratulatory note from Shirley “convicted Gerrymanderer” Porter.
So the Astoria has gone but also my barbers across the road and the kebab shop on the corner (which use to be up TCR). But also the light shop on the corner of Shaftsbury avenue moved on and Virgin Zaavi is closing lets hope what comes after is as useful/interesting/musical/sticky.

Meetings I’ve missed:
Why is selling tangerines with bits of stalk attached now the norm?
Who the hell thought a “Pink panther 2” remake with “use to be funny” Steve Martin and “was never funny” Beyonce Knowles Edmonds would be a good idea?

Good news:
I saw Paul Gambuccini in the street just now and he informed that my tuna and olive salad bap was a definite hit and that it had been a hit with Gene Pitney in1965 and Alma Coggan 3 years early.

*My spellcheck wanted to change “Don’t” to “doesn’t” Bill Gates being less of a poet than Ms Mitchell!

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