Sunday, 1 February 2009

The last snow storm of the year?

Talking books.

I have started to listen to a bit of spoken word stuff on my daily commute sometimes, especially in the morning I can’t cope with music and the radio has patchy reception and frankly there’s only so much religious war and credit crunch I can take from the Today programme.

I listen to radio 4 & 5 podcasts, as well radio plays, I’ve also got an Alan Bennett best of recently.
One recent find was David Sedaris, I’ve seen him referenced by Andrew Collins amongst others but the other day I was in a charity shop and got a CD box set of his stories “Dress Your Family Corduroy Denim”.

Sedaris writes for the New Yorker and is really candid and funny about his childhood in this book. There’s a hint of wimsy but it’s cut through with bright light shone on his own failings and those of those around him oh and it’s funny. On tape he sounds a bit like Woody Allen.

I chose this one because we keep getting promised snow but it never turns up!! It also shows the humour and waspishness of his work and it’s beautifully written.

You can buy of his stuff here (for stacks more than I did sorry)

David Sedaris mp3 "let it snow"

Sunday Evening update : If Ski sunday need me as a weather god or owt I'm available for hire at good rates!
go here for my favourite snowing song!


Ex-Coventry Blogger said...

I'm a huge podcast fan, I only have R4 on my MP3 player which probably makes me a very sad person but very well informed...
Favourites are Farming Today, Excess Baggage, Material World, More or Less, Crossing Continents and various World Service programmes. A couple of hours of weeding goes like lightening whenyou've things like this to listen to!

ally. said...

sedaris is lovely isn't he. the boks are loads better after you've heard him speak cos you can't not read them in his voice. i've not quite worked out why the blurbs are always "hilarious!" and what have you cos he's always got me kinda sad